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# by midjetville on 12/02/06 at 21:20:07

thanks a lot! im glad you are enjoying it!

# by midjetville on 12/01/06 at 19:35:38

i remember these! they are from a sonic game, i believe for sega dreamcast. there was a minigame where you had to take care of them and feed them berries and whatnot.

# by midjetville on 11/28/06 at 15:51:51

prefect, 5 ducks!

# by midjetville on 11/21/06 at 05:44:49

if you wouldnt mind emailing me the safari icon, that would be great!

# by midjetville on 11/21/06 at 05:35:15

this is excellent.

five ducks for sure.