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# by pumpkin on 02/08/07 at 07:16:49

You're a genius.

# by pumpkin on 08/11/06 at 04:40:09

I found a better solution. Just show the content the and replaced in /Resources/Message Styles/ with the new one. It works like a charm, and looks great, iheartny. Thanks again.

# by pumpkin on 08/11/06 at 02:13:50

Ohhh, thank you. I'd started to think that I'm crazy. :S

# by pumpkin on 08/10/06 at 11:37:26

I love this style, but I've a problem with the message style headers. They not look the new way, but the older one. I'd tried uninstalling the xtra and downloading again, but I've the same problem.