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# by tamashii on 04/08/09 at 16:19:25

I'll be honest here folks this Xtra got away from my priorities list and completely off my radar.

I really want to make an updated version now after revisiting this page and reading all the comments. Just amazing it has received so many downloads! Of course, I'll have to relearn the process to make these things (I think I may just have to update the imagery, really).

I'll be looking into the "sit height" for it. Ultimately, it has the same baseline as the other icons in the dock, so I am not sure what kind of fix is in order. Regarding the size of it, SPeCks are tiny spiders afterall, so I think I'll keep the size consistent.

@bombchu :: The mouths on the spiders use a decidedly thinner stroke. However, I understand the issue presented when they are used in the context of something like a dock icon. I'll see about bumping that thickness up a bit more so the contrast is a little less in-your-face.

@luizamendes :: when I created this three years ago, I don't think I understood much about the alpha channels and transparency options available to me for such a project. I'll definitely be testing the new version to have much cleaner edges.

Thanks to everyone for your feedback and comments! It really makes me want to get back on this project and improve it; in addition to adding the other items I considered such as the theme and menubar set.

# by tamashii on 04/08/09 at 16:19:15

As for vector characters in my portfolio, I have a very few actual character studies. One is SPeCks which I haven't done anything on the comic or anything for several years and the other notable one is YellOh which is only seen in a desktop download (Where's My Pickle!). There are other studies I have done, but as my career is in graphic design in general, I don't include those in my portfolio section. The Lab section, however, I might start putting more in there. Thanks for the suggestion!

# by tamashii on 11/15/07 at 12:20:51

i had no idea you were on Adium. These riceballs are AWESOME!!!!

Downloaded. In use. 5 Ducks!

# by tamashii on 01/31/07 at 15:30:07

Fantastic work. Including all the states is always nice, animating them is even nicer. Really nice, complete dock icon here.

# by tamashii on 07/26/06 at 17:23:44

I may not install this - but it is definitely a 5-duck Xtra.
Great job! Insanely original.