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# by quaff on 05/31/06 at 10:29:13

any updates lately? :D hows things with the horizontal bar? ever figure that out? Lol :D

# by quaff on 03/26/06 at 00:01:17

ahah awesome! i'm going to be refreshing this page a lot when i check back tomorrow hahaha

awesome work :)

# by quaff on 03/25/06 at 23:53:16

sweeet :)

i thought you were gonna turn back to non-consecutive messages.. its a relief you're not.. this renkoo style is AWESOME haha
i use it for Gizmo Project too :)

# by quaff on 03/25/06 at 23:35:43

nice update... what happened to consecutive messaging tho?

was consecutive messages supposed to be removed in this release? O.o
if so... can i have permission to edit your style and add it back in? :D or perhaps u still have a link to the older renkoo versions like 1.xx which has consecutive messages.

i don't really like what you did with the usernames.. but it still looks good..

other than that, looks good.. very unique style.. the whole fading effect is really neat :)