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# by Sam on 12/23/08 at 18:17:12

--Version 3.8 Released--

# by Sam on 08/16/08 at 18:27:37

--Version 3.7.1 Released--
Added a Facebook icon! Rather than (as the icon designers have done in the Beta) base it on an old Facebook logo, I have based mine on the current Facebook favicon (which is the only thing to go by since Facebook's logo is just a stylised 'Facebook'). I created it myself by cobbling the stylised 'F' used in the Facebook logo and drawing the rest by myself (the resultant full-scale image is around 360px square). Hope it's OK - I did it 'cos I recently got myself a Facebook account. And thanks (again) to 776jvacek for the heads-up!

# by Sam on 05/15/08 at 09:40:30

Not bad at all. :)

# by Sam on 05/03/08 at 20:20:37

--Version 3.7 Released--
OK, I've finally replaced the ICQ icon (the previous one was from the original Adium Aqua set) and updated the Gadu-Gadu icon. Thanks to 776jvacek for the idea of putting in the Xfire and Skype icons. I hope the Xfire one is OK in practice - I don't use it, so if people who do can give me some feedback, that would be great! :)

# by Sam on 04/20/08 at 07:41:06

That's a really neat idea! Thanks. :)