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# by mnkeybsness on 01/29/10 at 16:28:57

@mistermagooey: It works fine for me on Adium1.4 beta. Also note that this was created FIVE YEARS AGO and is no longer being supported with further development.

# by mnkeybsness on 05/19/08 at 21:53:38

Quit and restart Adium. Sometimes CSS changes don't seem to take effect until the application is relaunched.

# by mnkeybsness on 05/19/08 at 21:03:06

Enough people requested this, so it was added into 1.0.2

# by mnkeybsness on 05/14/08 at 10:22:05

Thanks! I will check on the font-size issue. It's very possible that some of the CSS styling has disabled it by accident.

# by mnkeybsness on 05/11/08 at 14:24:20

Aside from the face that Bubble Bobble was originally a standalone arcade game, this is great! One of my favorite games of all time.