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# by magnitique on 02/24/06 at 18:51:36

I tried that, funny thing is, I can change the font family, but I can't change font size.
Well, that's better than nothing, as I can change it to another font that looks larger even at the same 11pt.

# by magnitique on 02/24/06 at 09:49:26

I tried modifying (1) main.css, (2) Info.plist (in the package) to change the font, but to no avail... would you have any other suggestions?

# by magnitique on 02/23/06 at 22:45:34

Can you let us know what file in the package to edit in order to change the message font?
I find that the default (I'm assuming Arial 11?) is too small; I usually use Helvetica 12.