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# by cowgomoo on 11/28/09 at 01:38:51

Hey guys,

I noticed the same issue with the links in this version. Here's a variant of the script that I made that appears (at least on my install) to work great. It also includes a second script for hardcoding your username in it, so you can just type %_lastfm and have it print your latest song.

Anyway, here's the link. Let me know if you have any questions.

# by cowgomoo on 07/09/08 at 00:06:51

Can't get it to show up in the scripts menu. No idea why...

# by cowgomoo on 05/04/08 at 15:11:29

try removing the spaces between your zip and the brackets (assuming those weren't there for readability). It should read, for instance, like so: %_temp{70118}. or %_temp{New Orleans, LA}. The appropriate spaces between City words, and between the comma and state abbreviation are fine, but there shouldn't be any spaces for zip codes, nor any spaces between the brackets and the text of the zip code.

# by cowgomoo on 05/02/08 at 03:04:16

Hey Scott,

Sorry for the delay. I got sucked up in work stuff and totally forgot. I sincerely apologize. I was never able to reproduce the problem. Did a new version of Adium fix it? Does my latest release still do the same thing? Let me know.


# by cowgomoo on 05/02/08 at 03:02:31

Thanks for the endorsement, loadedsith. Just a note that you can change where the script looks for your fortune binary. Inside the actual AdiumScripts bundle is a text file called prefs. the first line of that text file is the path name of your fortune install. so if you change that, there's no need for empty folder structures or symlinks.