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# by tiagobugarin on 02/13/06 at 09:02:08

I liked very much the style and looking but i was having two problems with its flavors.
My favorite flavor is Renkoo Naked but it shows the sender's name in every messagem sent.
I don't know how peoble bahaves at your places but here in Brazil it is very common to set the very long names.
So I went to modify the Renkoo Naked to be more like Renkoo Naked Without Names. Its only one style added to the main.css

.messageFrom {display:none;}

I would use the full Renkoo with all it JavaScript flavour but it plays very slowly in my "old" iMac G4 700Mhz with only 768MB.
Well, that's it. Love Renkoo Naked Without Names! :)