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# by Kiel on 06/14/06 at 08:18:06

Some of these are funny :-)

# by Kiel on 06/14/06 at 00:41:28

All the sounds seemed to work fine for me *scratches head*

# by Kiel on 06/13/06 at 01:18:51

Cool :-)

# by Kiel on 06/12/06 at 02:19:50

These emoticons are not presented as an emoticon pack - instead, they are seperate images. I have contacted the author about making this an emoticon pack but I have not had a response nor has the author updated the emoticons (yet, at least). Therefore, I'm approving this under the impression that this was the authors intention for the emoticons all along. They are cool pink bubbles!

# by Kiel on 06/03/06 at 03:39:26

While I appreciate the contribution you've made, I'm sorry to say that the whole "Teen Buzz" theory is, well, wrong. I just got my 40 odd year old Dad to validate that.