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# by Phoenixfire5 on 02/03/07 at 18:20:31

Shiny!! :)

# by Phoenixfire5 on 01/26/06 at 10:04:11

HAHA! Nvm. I just figured it out. :P Ignore me!

# by Phoenixfire5 on 01/26/06 at 10:02:14

That is REALLY REALLY neat and SO useful- one problem I have with it. One default away message for all of them?

What if there was a way to have a seperate message for each item? That way you could have one that says "at class" or something and another that says "watching csi". That way, regular tv shows or family visits or something like that could be programmed into it, and you could distinguish between times when a friend could call your cell and when they couldn't.

Does that make sense? I just think that that would make this program AMAZING.