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# by Octavarius on 10/04/06 at 01:50:45

All you do is replace the slashes with colons; so your path would be :Users:recardocarvalho:Documents:filename

# by Octavarius on 05/09/06 at 15:41:20

Yeah, actually, I have the same problem when I use any script in my profile. I doubt it's anything wrong with my Xtra in particular, but thanks for pointing that out.

I was considering putting some time into adding numerical aliasing -- meaning you could use some function, say /alias{}, that would allow you to associate a file path with a number. For example, one could type
[code]/alias{1, iMac:users:nate:desktop:quotes:db.txt}[/code]
and then
I would only do this if I thought there was enough interest in it, since it would take some time and it doesn't look like too many people use it. But this feature would make it more practical to use in the actual message window, so maybe I will.