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# by sourgrapes on 11/09/06 at 13:32:49

I just realized that you don't need this script if you install Growl. Just use the log feature in Growl. I will still be working on making it better than Growl's logger (appreciate any further suggestions) but I just thought I'd let you guys know.

# by sourgrapes on 10/04/06 at 16:37:38

I just tested the script by downloading and running it, instead of using the install link and it worked. Try getting the latest version of the beta.

# by sourgrapes on 08/04/06 at 10:17:40

Did you try downloading it and running it instead of the direct install?

# by sourgrapes on 04/06/06 at 13:47:29

You mean the away message itself? I'm not so sure. Unless Adium gives off a flag everytime someone goes away that includes the message. There seems to be a way to set a message using AppleScript. ( So conversely reading the status should be possible. I should be able to solve that problem in a week or two. Thanks for the suggestion though. I'll try to work it in.

# by sourgrapes on 03/31/06 at 06:43:52

Yeah, when I'm free of the daily hustle and bustle I'll try to add that functionality. I'm working on understanding how to integrate that part of Adium. Thanks.