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# by jussi on 12/14/07 at 11:49:04

Great that you like it! One of the basic ideas for making the bubble tip pointing to the right is so that if and when I (or someone else) makes a menubar icon inspired by this, it can still work next to iChat for those people (like me) who use both iChat and Adium simultaneously. Also, I kind of like that it is pointing the other way than iChat. Why should they point the same? ;) Thanks for the feedback, keep it coming.

# by jussi on 11/21/07 at 23:39:57

Yeah, it was an idea that looked better in my head. Expect the next version to be better.

# by jussi on 11/08/07 at 00:33:23

Oops, my mistake. Had by accident swapped the two. I changed it so the blue one is the occupied / away icon, not the pink one. If you're happy with the way things are, don't download the new one. ;)

# by jussi on 11/06/07 at 04:50:33

Noted. I'll see what I can do about it.


# by jussi on 11/06/07 at 04:49:47

Yeah, I think I was a bit ahead of the Adium developers here. I made the icons so that if the developers include it in future versions, it's easily fixed. Does anyone know _exactly_ what states are available, and how to use them? If so, tell me and I'll fix it in the next version.