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# by GeckoMan on 06/26/09 at 08:36:21

love the concept but i've allready started changing the dinosaurs to my own images, nice look :)

# by GeckoMan on 01/21/09 at 22:28:22

does the background come supplied? cause all i get are the sticker speech bubbles
very nice other wise

# by GeckoMan on 06/10/08 at 07:14:53

very nice, my only question, getting the peace, male and female symbols in there! how does one accomplish that?

# by GeckoMan on 11/27/07 at 08:59:19

yeah i had this problem myself, unfortunatly i don't know enough about why it happens, or how to fix it, i basically put this togheter, by chaning another extra, something to do with the os i think, mac user myself, and i used to deal with the icons vanishing, but since updatying to 10.4 never had that trouble again...try asking the adium team themselves, might be able to help ya out

# by GeckoMan on 02/13/07 at 00:17:25

a cheesy solution to the problem, due to lack of skins

just pasted onto the desktop, and list resized accordingly :D