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# by danielgrenell on 03/29/06 at 19:56:24

very nice, replaced what i'd been using for months (somatic dots)

# by danielgrenell on 11/13/05 at 14:17:37

i really do like what you've done here, it's very good looking. but i would like a compact version so that it did not take up so much room. i would also like a few different versions with different speeds. personally i would like it to move faster. even as it is it's great though, good job.

# by danielgrenell on 10/12/05 at 16:42:41

better update those ports!

i'm so mad. this new imac g5 is so nice. makes me painfully jealous.

# by danielgrenell on 10/11/05 at 19:27:25

wow, these are so nice!

# by danielgrenell on 04/17/05 at 23:57:33

i live weebl.