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# by blaney on 11/13/06 at 14:28:25

Hmmm. There's another bloodshot Adiumy with red eyes... Is the bottle the issue? What if he didn't have the bottle?

# by blaney on 10/22/06 at 01:09:21

This is the original "Description" translated to French.

# by blaney on 10/18/06 at 19:57:39

I gots more dan fiddy docs in my prefs. Ann all I kin say is dis is still the Mac-Daddy of all da dock-ducks. YOU RULE !!!! Now, how 'bout some hookers to go with my Pimp ??

# by blaney on 11/22/05 at 11:58:25

Okay, I waited a year to comment on this one! It's great. And it's just in time for this year!!! I'm already sleepy from all the tryptophan...