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# by rodomontade on 03/06/06 at 11:47:14


I can give you an English translation for most of the phrases if you want to make a more English version :-)

# by rodomontade on 11/29/05 at 13:03:47

Yeah, can we get a custom background reenabled? The message view looks really nice, but would benefit a lot from a nice abstract background or something. Until then, 4 ducks :-)

# by rodomontade on 11/20/05 at 00:18:10

Interesting... I like 'em :-P Nice job Niles.

# by rodomontade on 11/20/05 at 00:16:25

Awesome--just what the doctor ordered :-) 5 Ducks! no seriously... with new cinema displays, to boot!

# by rodomontade on 11/14/05 at 16:48:35

Awesome--can we get one with the new cinema display? (I looked... didn't see it elsewhere... T/F?)