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# by boredzo on 01/10/08 at 23:08:59

Is there a reason why you have put all these in one zip file, rather than submitting them as separate Xtras?

# by boredzo on 03/10/07 at 23:10:32

I second the request. :)

# by boredzo on 07/13/06 at 00:51:42

Did you mean to say "Matte"?

# by boredzo on 07/01/06 at 23:53:15

It really should use the same colors that Adium uses in its default status icon set.

# by boredzo on 07/01/06 at 02:36:42

Looks good, but I think the "Adium" at the top may be a bit much. Perhaps an alternate version without that header?

Also, it seems like there's a spot cut out of the border in the top right.