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# by worr on 01/14/13 at 02:13:11

Are you still having this problem? Can you send a debug log to will AT worrbase DOT com?


# by worr on 01/06/13 at 05:41:44

This is a known issue - I think with libqq-pidgin. I will try and write a fix when I get some more time.


# by worr on 12/19/12 at 04:44:45

Sure, I can add that. It might be a bit late in coming, as I'm focusing a lot of my energy on school right now.

# by worr on 12/19/12 at 04:43:13

Can you give me the error message you're getting?

Even better, file an official bug here:

# by worr on 09/16/12 at 07:33:54

Install the plugin, and then create a new Tencent QQ account.