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# by Cruciarius on 05/13/10 at 19:59:40


Finally a nice Adium icon to fit the rest of the Flurry set. :D

# by Cruciarius on 04/28/10 at 16:19:22

Love this xtra, but sad to see no update. Text runs into the time stamp, lines above and below messages don't go across the entire msg window, filmstrip for days/away msgs is too big...

Basically, II only like the polaroid portion of the xtra. The rest needs to be updated.

# by Cruciarius on 02/19/10 at 21:13:02

My screen is 1024x768. Can't go any larger and even if I did, I see no need for large icons in the dock.

# by Cruciarius on 02/19/10 at 16:20:51

Very nice. Just wish it had different away/idle looks. Hard to see the icon change, when my dock has 16x16 icons.

Maybe have the background change color?

Blue = available
Red = away
Yellow = idle

Though yellow may be odd with the face being yellow... just an idea.

# by Cruciarius on 02/18/10 at 17:49:33

Just came to look for an icon to match the Flurry set. Nice start, but I'd prefer a more Adium-like icon, not a Yahoo one. I use Adium for AIM, YIM and MSN.