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# by asan102 on 07/02/04 at 16:02:31

Would be good if it used the actual icon rather than this poorly masked version, but I guess that's not available yet.

Also, I don't really get the point of using another application's icon for Adium's icon...

# by asan102 on 07/02/04 at 03:39:55

Yeah that's in the installation instruction, but I should probably put it on this page.

Also, don't worry that the version i included is any different - it's just updated to the new format for emoticonsets.

# by asan102 on 07/02/04 at 01:11:43

James, you need to have the MSN Animated emoticon pack installed for the smiley browser to work. If you do have it installed but it still doesn't work, try installing it again from the copy included with the style. It's possible that the copy you have is in an older emoticonpack format, which would cause it to not work.

If you're planning to use the message style without the MSN Animated emoticon pack installed, unfortunately it will show a blue question-mark box where the link to the SMiley browser should be. I guess I just didn't think about the situation where someone would want the style without the emoticons - I don't plan on creating another Smiley browser for different emoticon sets, but I will include a variation with no Smiley browser link in the future.