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# by JonClone on 10/11/11 at 07:38:58

The posting is about the Current song in status. It is about making some changes to the script. I think it is usual to make changes to the web site html or other scripts before getting what we want to see on the screen. I am sure even the web designer for Groupon or the clone web sites would have made a lot of changes before getting a satisfactory result. It is all about trying out to see what you can get with changes.
Jon - Groupon Clone

# by JonClone on 10/11/11 at 04:31:17

This posting is about iTunes Current Track - Status Message. The person seemed to have changed the script to get the desired result. I think many web designers make changes to the programming scripts to get what they want in a web page. Even Groupon or the clone web sites must have experienced changes before being in the right track.
Jon - Groupon Clone

# by JonClone on 10/10/11 at 06:30:05

I think this posting is funny. Imagine annoying friends with the Display Name Randomiser! It is something which is different and I guess some may try out for the fun of it. With Groupon and its clones going around in the world wide web I feel many would be using coupons and getting discounts for many products and services.