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# by Junpei on 11/11/07 at 20:10:17

I like GAIA low a lot, but my only real complaints are that the margins are just so huge and the time stamps are too big (bigger than the message font size). I could tinker with the CSS myself but I'm not too great at that. :)

# by Junpei on 02/20/07 at 02:51:00

Really cool idea! I like the Colored and Chalk versions, works well with my themes.

# by Junpei on 02/24/06 at 12:18:16

The only resemblance is that they're colored dots. There's not a lot of pixels to work with there. I like them! Very sharp. Maybe you'll come up with a nice contact list style to go with.

# by Junpei on 02/07/06 at 01:35:58

I was thinking the same.

I wonder what a light version of this might look like?

# by Junpei on 01/10/06 at 00:15:01

Very nice!