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# by ~Niko on 01/30/11 at 05:11:58

I like this a lot.... for some reason I can't get the user icons to work. :-(

# by ~Niko on 10/30/07 at 23:35:45

I'm sorry, I find this an eyesore. Just my opinion. The time stamps are unnecessary and too long, and the screennames (with the time stamps) seem to push messages out into a nearly half-window length indent. Could be better... perhaps putting the messages BELOW the name/time rather than inline?

# by ~Niko on 01/26/06 at 15:25:39

This one is cool! Any chance of maybe making a Kobudo one? I'm a Kobudo martial artist - we use weapons like Sai, Bo, Nunchuku, Tonfa... Really, you could redo a few of these identically and just change the Gi top to black. That's our uniforms: Black top, white bottom... or all black for the black belts. Food for thought! Love the icons!


# by ~Niko on 01/03/06 at 20:23:49

Yep, I can't get it to show up in the list either...

# by ~Niko on 11/25/05 at 12:01:26

Glad to have helped! Leave it to me to find the errors... good lord!