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# by on 04/13/06 at 03:00:25

Cool, but where on earth is the green at the top and red at the bottom?

Also, would it not make sense to have green as available, yellow as away/idle and red as offline?

# by on 10/29/05 at 07:58:56

Interestingly enough, It seems both the fading in and the automatic scrolling now work for me. I guess it was updating to v0.86 that did it...

# by on 10/29/05 at 06:53:03

My reply after that was cut off? odd. Anyway, I'm pretty sure that is normal behavior for a message style...
In regards to the page you linked to, the fading in and out does work for me while it doesn't in the message style.

# by on 10/29/05 at 06:49:25

"it does seem that if you manually move the scroll bar to the top of a long chat and then type something in it doesn't scroll"

# by on 10/27/05 at 03:28:51

hhh... looks really nice but the fading doesn't work on my computer. I'm on a iMac G3 500mhz... does it require core image or something? I'm using tiger but my graphics card is of course way too ancient to display core image stuff. Also, like iambatman, the scrolling doesn't seem to work... half the time anyway. Like, it won't work, then I'll manually scroll down, then it will work from then on (or sometimes not). So, is it my computer being so old, or do I need to install some kind of plug in?