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# by ether on 06/16/10 at 02:20:39

Hi mashby,

I know it's been a year, but your wish has finally come true! Ethereal 3 is out :)

# by ether on 02/17/10 at 00:38:26

Love it!!

# by ether on 09/11/08 at 01:41:19

Ethereal 3 will be coming out in the next few months when I have some time. Now that webkit supports CSS3, I plan to support an infinite number of color combinations (including bubble background colors and opacities), to fix the breakage at >1000px window widths, and to add an alternating icon option since that's a community desire.

# by ether on 05/12/08 at 16:57:15

Works great! Thank you so much!

# by ether on 01/13/08 at 15:50:20

Shot ya an email ;)