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# by Crazycole2001 on 11/17/06 at 03:10:54

Hey i'd like the rest of the set can you link me to them?

# by Crazycole2001 on 10/25/06 at 21:25:53

How do you get those readouts on your desktop and how do you get the weather in your dock

# by Crazycole2001 on 12/31/04 at 21:45:36

prove it with SS's!

# by Crazycole2001 on 09/17/04 at 17:31:08

this is one of the most origional designs i have seen yet, I love it, Bravo.

# by Crazycole2001 on 09/01/04 at 02:50:16

Don't panic!
Yeah this is freaking awesome!