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# by JBHoren on 09/23/05 at 14:47:45

I remember when I bought my first computer, back in 1987, in Israel. I'd just become a freelance techwriter, and opted for a Zenith 15" hi-rez monitor... amber. It was awesome; never mind that the 8086 cpu w/1MB RAM, a 20MB hard drive, and that monitor cost me around $3,000 -- back then they were charging 100% customs duty on computer hardware, and 84% on software.

This is a particularly good message-view theme for me, 'cuz I left techwriting in 1988 and became a Unix sysadmin... haven't left, and I'm still a command-line kinda guy. Thanks for the look-and-feel.

For what it's worth, my first "computer" was a VT100 terminal connected via modem to a VAX 11/780 running VMS -- this was in 1979... we've come a long way.

# by JBHoren on 09/23/05 at 14:27:57

YESH! As a veteran (17 years) Unix sysadmin, I saw this message-view design and had to have it. Thanks!!