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# by daemons on 01/06/11 at 20:52:42

of course, i know, it is a good plugin, i like, it ,just think how to improve detailed check..

# by daemons on 01/06/11 at 19:46:12

okay, i found what was the problem, one space more..but anyway, show up like im 300 hundreed km away, not exactly what i looking for...but dig in deeper..

# by daemons on 01/06/11 at 19:40:10

oh, okay :), i thought, it will work only in conversation windows...anyway, it dont work in status message..i show just %_mylocation , what i type in...

# by daemons on 01/06/11 at 18:04:28

hi, well,actually this is a vwery interesting and sometimes usefull script, but can wy use this on personal messages? or can i somehow do it to show up in personal message my place,when aium starts up?