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# by ermonas on 07/10/11 at 10:02:59

Sorry for not answering before, I missed your message. I've added you, when you become online, we can work on update this. Thanks.

# by ermonas on 05/07/11 at 17:58:41

It won't install since it's not packed in an .AdiumIcon file. I've made a fixed file until you upload your corrected file:

# by ermonas on 04/28/11 at 05:01:49

I've put Ollie because I like him better over the over the official mascot, and, also, because in Service '08 and Service '09 he was the Twitter Icon, but I can consider changing it, give me the images if you want.

I know that about Flurry, I will change 'em a soon as I find a good-looking replacement.

# by ermonas on 04/28/11 at 04:58:07

Thanks, but it's almost all the credit goes to you, so it's your nice work :).

# by ermonas on 04/21/11 at 17:55:45

And what about a "clean" version, without anything in the bubbles that currently have the camera glyph? Thanks :).

P.S. I also dislike the Duck :P