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# by sammargh on 01/14/11 at 16:33:31

Fixed the line spacing as well as time stamps on the group chat! Sorry I took so long!

# by sammargh on 01/14/11 at 16:33:05

This will be in the next version

# by sammargh on 11/16/10 at 22:50:21

I spoke with the maker of minimal_mod and he provided pointers on how to do what you are requesting... I am busy for the time being but might have some free time this weekend to implement his suggestion.

# by sammargh on 11/15/10 at 17:12:09

I modified the theme to support SenderColors if you select the variant but to do #2 would break the layout of the theme... best I could do is append the sent time on the same line as the text rather than next to the username. Not sure if I like that.