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# by gethen on 08/25/07 at 05:48:41

clean, classic, and they look great with or without badges. There isn't currently a badged version packaged with this, but here's how you do it:

click download instead of install, unzip, then ctrl-click "show package contents" and inside the contents folder, edit info.plist in a text editor, changing the "false" after "Show Badge to "true" then save the changes to info.plist. I usually then rename the edited package (in this case amora-badge) before doubleclicking it to install it.

# by gethen on 08/25/07 at 05:25:24

<3 these but there is no <3 so i cannot say so :>

# by gethen on 08/25/07 at 05:23:31

# by gethen on 09/16/06 at 21:40:59

this is in fact pretty sexy!

it's worth mentioning that after install, these will show up at the top of your contact list prefs with names that begin with ::

The one shown is :: BLACK, 60% opacity, and i like mine best after setting the autosize checkboxes.

# by gethen on 11/29/05 at 23:07:49

Tül may keep the title, with my blessing.

I actually made this theme upon request from a friend who complained bitterly about the lack of "good IM clients" for Mac. By creating this and "blank" (status icon theme, or rather lack of theme), I convinced him that Adium did in fact fit his needs quite perfectly. I put it up here with the thought that there might be another person out there like him (and in fact a number of friends, former and current linux geeks with new mac minis, mostly, have come to use and love it, so that worked out).