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# by gabrielradic on 11/21/05 at 05:45:16

This is the best set out there. I only wish there was an update that includes more stuff.

# by gabrielradic on 09/12/05 at 13:27:56

Iiro, thanks for being so responsive. This great stuff.

PS: I'll send an ER for a Busy status right now.

# by gabrielradic on 08/27/05 at 13:42:33

The graphics in this icons set are gorgeous. I also believe they are the best out there, and would recommend using them as default, if the author allows for it.

Here are a few suggestion for improvement:

- Away icon in Orange. The way it is now - Red with dash - it looks like an error. A gorgeous, lickable, and confusing error :-)
- Make the new message (alert?) icon Green. It makes sense.
- Put a big fat X on the Gray Disconnected icon.

Thank you.