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# by Jona on 09/26/05 at 15:01:37

Ah, my thanks, 2manydjs. Wondering about one thing though: if some folders should happen to be organized into just Artist/the actual mp3s (no album folder), is there a way to make Aditunes recognize them anyways? (If possible, making aditunes work with bith Artist/song files, and Artist/Album/song files.)

# by Jona on 09/26/05 at 09:23:47

2manydjs, how would I go about if I wanted to point the script to another music folder?

I use a music folder called "MP3z" located in my user root. I've added an alias to that folder in the AdiTunes webserver folder, and changed the "../AdiTunes/Music" pointer in the aditunes script to "../AdiTunes/MP3z", but when I click the aditunes link in Adium, the song doesn't show up on the aditunes webpage (everything else does, though, even the album artwork). I've also changed the permission of my MP3z folder to 755, but still to no avail.

Is there anything else I need to change?

# by Jona on 09/11/05 at 18:02:30

I agree with the rest. This is a wonderful icon set. The best, actually.

However, I have two gripes with it:

1) The animation. Would it be possible to have them display more often? MUCH more often. Almost constantly. Thinking along the lines of, the set I used before I discovered this.

2) I really, really miss the handcuffs ;-) Also, the vampire bat doesn't move, like it does in the MSN originals. I often chat with this cute goth lass, and she uses the vampire bat quite a lot... ;-)

Well, apart from this, and in spite of this, thanks for a wonderful icon set!

# by Jona on 08/11/05 at 19:38:12

Wonderful. Very inventine. Thanks!