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# by infinity on 01/30/09 at 21:40:07

There already is a master chief adium.

# by infinity on 01/17/06 at 13:54:13

Thanks. I suppose that I could make a dock icon of one of the FE characters.

# by infinity on 12/09/05 at 14:17:49

Nice work! I love the concept of showing the duck from the other side.

# by infinity on 07/23/05 at 15:28:26

Something that you might want to consider is changing the faceplate a little bit. The... big oval thing in the center seems a little low. Maybe if you moved it up a bit or stretched it out a little it might look better. Another thing I thought I should mention is that the faceplate should be reflective. Perhaps you should consider making it more shiny. Especially it you are going to be adding more shading to the battle armor. Thanks for the great icon!