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# by jasonjasonjason on 02/10/10 at 19:19:12

Sweet. Loose nut behind the keyboard ;) The tab was what I was missing. Works great!


# by jasonjasonjason on 02/10/10 at 19:09:39

Sorry for all the back and forth here, but I sure appreciate the help. I think this script will be pretty helpful if I can get it to work... So, if I type "ad" (no period), Adium does show up as an action (two squares show on the screen, one with Adium, and one with "Open", as I would expect), and if I hit return there, it brings Adium to the foreground. But as soon as I type the period, the box on the left (where Adium was) now shows a white panel with a grey note on the background. Whatever string I type shows up in that box. The box on the right has a gear icon and the title "Large Type". That's all. No drop down menu appears underneath as it occasionally does when I don't type the period. Tried it on another machine here with the same effect. If I look at the actions.plist in the QS directory (where the Actions folder is), there is an "Action" entry for the script, so I think QS knows about it.

# by jasonjasonjason on 02/10/10 at 18:45:37

Ah, thanks. That makes a difference. QS now takes the whole string, but I don't see the Adium action anywhere. The default action is "Large Type", and if I select the drop down from there, it just basically shows the contents of the "Quicksilver" menu inside of QS itself. Is there something else I need to do to make QS pick up the scripts in that Actions folder? It is apparently unaware that the folder exists.


# by jasonjasonjason on 02/10/10 at 18:32:05

I did restart Quicksilver several times. I actually upgraded to the current version off of their website. I type Apple-Space to invoke QS, then ",away Not here." (without the quotes). That tries to pick a movie with "away" in the title. Maybe the comma isn't putting it into string input mode? Anyway, several others here at the office have apparently tried it over the past few weeks, none of us were able to get it to work.

# by jasonjasonjason on 02/10/10 at 17:48:38

Anyone able to make this one work? I've got the script copied to the directory mentioned (Did have to create the Actions folder), but it doesn't seem to get picked up by Quicksilver.