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# by Conlan on 03/28/06 at 00:23:31

I love this style. It's beautiful. My only gripe (you knew there had to be one) is with the new name placement. I don't like how it scrunches the text to the left side. I'd prefer the old placement, underneath, where it didn't affect the actual text of the message. Either way, thanks for all your work on this, the best message style there is.

# by Conlan on 03/27/06 at 23:15:43

I'm having problems unzipping this. All I get are folders with .plists in them.

# by Conlan on 11/09/05 at 21:06:50

I also agree that the pen doesn't need to be on the Content state. And actually, I'm not really into the pen at all. Is there any place I can download the old sets? But, overall, great job. I love this set.