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# by smoalya on 01/22/10 at 19:05:22

Thank you so much for making this xtra - I have always loved Adium but the absence of the custom emoticon sending feature put me off, when I discovered this xtra the other day I promptly switched to Adium! :) It is lovely to have the custom emoticon panel which is clean and easy to edit.
I did come across one problem though, all the emoticon sending seems to work perfectly except, for some reason, in group/multi-user chats, where it won't work at all. All my contacts can see the custom emoticons that I send but when I send them in a chat with more than one user they only come up as text. The custom emoticon panel still displays and I can click any emoticon but when I send they will not display. Obviously, no pressure on you to fix as I realise you have put your time and effort into making this - just reporting the problem in case you were unaware of it/are able to fix it at some point. Thanks again for building this plugin :D
(I am using Adium 1.3.10 on an iBook G4 running Mac OS X 10.4.11, in case that helps.)