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# by neko on 10/29/08 at 18:27:13

it's only taken a year or two, but i've finally linked back. thanks for hyping the stickies i threw together!

# by neko on 11/28/07 at 16:29:37

this is actually pretty neat. my only wish is that it would say 'battery at [percentage]" instead of "battery on [percentage]"

# by neko on 04/22/07 at 21:28:34

42 points for your icon :)

# by neko on 04/11/07 at 14:22:08

blast_doors is a little long.

maybe you could have that one be only the alert horn and not the doors scraping as well.

# by neko on 02/12/07 at 15:04:21

best contact list, i think, for use with the NickelCobalt shapeshifter theme.