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# by eLahraiRaH on 01/03/06 at 11:29:13

The message style is Candybars and the contact list style is simply called Mail. They are both here at the Xtras site. =]

# by eLahraiRaH on 10/28/05 at 01:50:04


# by eLahraiRaH on 08/29/05 at 06:13:10

I think I prefer the Away icon in red. It looks more like a standard No-Entry sign. I see it most when I set my status to Busy. And a no-entry sign is more in keeping with the message I want to send to my contacts when I set my status to Busy (That I would not like to be messaged). And the red dock icon is a good visual reminder of this.

Yellow is a good corresponding colour for Away. But I treat Away to mean Busy in all but name.

I don't know, but perhaps it is possible to create a seperate red icon for Busy status and a yellow icon for Away?

# by eLahraiRaH on 07/25/05 at 11:00:50


# by eLahraiRaH on 07/19/05 at 10:44:55

I like this theme. it's very cool.

btw what smilies and status icons are you using?