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# by da_baum on 06/18/06 at 23:01:36

I don't paintball (the one time I did didn't turn out too well...), but this is definitely one of the best dock icons on the site. Good work!

# by da_baum on 05/27/06 at 20:23:42

Preview looks nice! I am currently taking a break from Adium, so I can't install it at the moment, but I'll probably give this a try once/if I get back on it. If I can remember. Love the fonts too. :)

# by da_baum on 05/06/06 at 19:55:09

Yeah, tis a violin. And a purple harp would be cool!

These are nice, but...I play trombone, so just wondering if ya have any brass sound clips.

# by da_baum on 04/18/06 at 21:25:55

Yes, please add the second one! I changed my sound set for more than a day for the first time in over a year, thanks to this sound set. Good work. How about an alien set too (if you have time, of course)? That'd so rock.

# by da_baum on 04/16/06 at 13:14:44

*mouth waters* A Marathon sound set! Sweet!