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# by marc-king on 11/08/09 at 20:47:05

I absolutely love the idea of this plugin, so I downloaded it and installed it as soon as I found out that it was there. But unfortunately... I can't get it to work...

Installed the plugin and added icons and named them (names shorter and longer than 7 positions I have tried as I found out that in MSN for mac the name couldn't be longer than 7 characters)
Working with OSX 10.6.1, Adium 1.3.8 and installed this plugin v.0.8 from 10/17/09.

What happens is that when I send a message to friends including these personal Icons they see a blank icon from about 12px by 12px containing nothing. The part of the script which erases the annoying type of nicknames works perfect...

Am I overlooking something? I'm curious for any tips which can help me to make this plugin work properly. Thanks in advance.