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# by bastimc1 on 08/18/10 at 07:44:11

Super! Jetzt funktioniert es wieder!

# by bastimc1 on 08/01/10 at 12:35:17

Where is the script? :(

# by bastimc1 on 07/27/10 at 14:03:49

Inzwischen gibt es ja den studi-, mein- und schülerVZ Chat öffentlich als XMPP/Jabber. Vielleicht könnte man dieses Script nun daran anpassen?

# by bastimc1 on 07/22/10 at 15:15:16

I tried it with deleting the script, restart Adium, download the script again, but the same here. I doesn't work for playing/recording a station. Playing a recorded song and playing nothing works perfect. :'(

# by bastimc1 on 07/20/10 at 13:53:38

Oh, i forgot something: I think it would be great, showing "Is hearing to ... on station (the station is linked with the homepage of the station) with Snowtape (Snowtape is linked with the link to the homepage)". Would that be possible?