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# by feju on 10/19/09 at 17:54:57

Same here, is the case with with the old Adium 1.3.x stable version as well.

# by feju on 10/19/09 at 17:53:56

Woops, just saw the above post, that one was new, so I hadn't registered it. Sorry.

# by feju on 10/19/09 at 17:53:09

Hi, I'm having problem with the font my sent messages have during a running session. Messages I send a shown with in a different font than the default "Marker Felt" setting (i didn't change the plist or message window setting). Messages I receive are shown in "Marker Felt", though. After closing the chat window and reopening it, all messages (previously sent and received) are being displayed in "Marker Felt", but again, the messages i then sent are displayed with the wrong font.
Can I or can you fix it? Follow the links below to get an impression:

Hope you can help me with this!

Thx! Btw. awesome style!