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# by BAN on 10/01/09 at 02:07:34

Oh! Thank youuu very very much! IIC :D
I tried removing the plugin twice, before it finally worked out. Now I'm adding my custom emoticons!
Thanks for the help ^^ I appreciate it!

# by BAN on 10/01/09 at 01:43:19

Thanks IIC! ^^ I'm still trying to fix it but here's the issue.
The plugin is already installed but it's not running. Because I still can see the tags on my friends' nicknames. And, as far as adding that custom panel, it's still not there.
Here's a screen shot.
I'm not sure as to how to fix it, but I'll be removing the plugin and downloading it back again,, and see what happens.

# by BAN on 09/30/09 at 02:37:48

Hello ^^. First thanks a lot for the plugin, I was hoping someone would develop one for Adium.
The problem is... it didn't work ._."
I tried everything that people said in the comments, but it still doesn't work. It tells me that it's installed and I should restart Adium, I do so, and I find it in the Xtras Manager.
However, I can't find anything about how to modify the settings for anything related to it, especially the custom emoticons :-s
Can you please, help?