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# by Soul on 04/14/10 at 08:06:19

Great style. Only problem is that in a conference chat it doesn't show the names of the people who have sent messages, so you can't work out who said what.....

# by Soul on 04/10/10 at 21:15:17

Great style!! Any idea when link wrapping will be fixed? Really annoying to see long links disappearing off to the left. You can't even see the start of the link to see what site it's for.....

# by Soul on 04/08/10 at 08:52:07

Love the style. Just wish I could scale everything down a bit....

# by Soul on 04/08/10 at 08:28:14

Beautiful looking style!!! However like most transparent styles it's very hard to use when the window is overlaid over other documents etc.

Is there any chance of options to change the opacity etc? I tried custom background but that didn't seem to do anything.

# by Soul on 09/01/09 at 22:55:24

We use RT at work so this could be very useful. installed and will try it out at work tomorrow!