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# by Pakaku on 06/08/12 at 22:41:24

I think the Away icon sells it :)

# by Pakaku on 05/10/11 at 06:10:27

There seems to be a bug that if someone in a conversation sends you a message after midnight, the messages don't scroll up like they normally should.

# by Pakaku on 06/17/10 at 08:08:32

I've tried looking for the icons, no luck. Not sure what happened to them.

# by Pakaku on 08/31/09 at 06:24:23

Sorry for being so misleading :P the name has been changed.

# by Pakaku on 08/29/09 at 21:14:38

Ha, maybe someone with a SDK could do it? :P I'll make the name less misleading if it's a problem.