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# by icemonkey004 on 01/11/09 at 16:02:57

I agree with hypnosonus...this would be really great/interesting if you fixed it a bit.

The speed of the wings flapping is fine...but it should be moving up and down slowly to show that it is hovering. Also, the bottom wings should be moving as well, less-so than the bigger ones tho. And it would be interesting if the 'fairy-dust' below would be sprinkling down an disappearing. Also remember to make the shadow grow and shrink depending on how low or high it is when it's hovering.

I would love to see that, it would give some real 3D feeling to the dock.

# by icemonkey004 on 11/27/08 at 14:31:24

I know its been awhile, I hope the creator sees this:

This would be THE best adium message style iiiif multiple IMs in a row from the same person show up in the same bubble. Similar to Scribbls style: where you just add a line and then the next IM is in same bubble.

When I get 6 IMs in a row from a user (or myself) it takes up so much space for a bubble for every line plus the reflection. 5 IMs end up above the fold and I have to scroll to read, whereas Scribbls I can see up to like 10 IMs before scrolling to read. It would be much appreciated if this were able to be done. =)

# by icemonkey004 on 07/20/08 at 14:49:55

adium already has CMD+Y button for that?

# by icemonkey004 on 04/20/08 at 13:48:09

this is great! Question: how can I edit the CSS to alternate the colors? so that I can make incoming messages graphite and outgoing grey?? (or could you possibly do that? :) )

# by icemonkey004 on 02/20/08 at 10:28:43

i found someone that did it on macthemes2 forum a few days ago. sorry i dont have a link but its there if you go searching