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# by macaddct1984 on 08/09/07 at 23:05:09

Is there a way to disable the images placed over the urls? I don't really like not knowing what it is I'm clicking. Thanks!

# by macaddct1984 on 08/06/05 at 20:45:29

A beautiful glassy looking icon. Very nice work

# by macaddct1984 on 07/01/05 at 20:24:12

A very nice looking style but it definitely needs some color variations. Nice start though!

# by macaddct1984 on 03/15/05 at 20:36:21

Awsome theme! The colors and sharpness is excellent. Great great theme.

# by macaddct1984 on 03/11/05 at 10:39:53

Haha, very nice script.
I'm not sure if you looked, but there are a bunch of quotes on for Kung Pow at

Only suggestion I have is with the dialogue quotes, maybe add who is saying which line?